Owners Johnna Green and Jurate Brown with Collaborator Morgan Noelle

One of the best parts of our buisness has been meeting so many creative and inspiring women. As a women-owned business, we believe in sharing our passions, giving and receiving advice, pushing each other to succeed, and best of all creating lasting friendships.

Since 2017, we have been fortunate to share our jewelry studio with Morgan Noelle. Not only is she a dear friend, but an incredibly talented goldsmith. Morgan Noelle is known for her beautifully hand- engraved custom pieces using unique diamonds and gemstones. She has been there for us from the start of Jūratė, so a collaboration only seemed natural.

With Morgan Noelle’s vintage
feel and Jūratė’s modern edge, our “Old Hollywood” collection was born. As jewelry designers in Los Angeles, many of our days are spent in downtown LA in the

jewelry district, not the most beautiful of places, except every once in awhile when you get to walk by an awe-inspiring Art Deco building. At our studio we have had many conversations about our shared appreciation of these works of art.

In our engraving you will see inspiration from the glorious Oviatt buildings glasswork. Our fan collection is inspired by the historic Wiltern Theatre built in 1931, by the Warner Brothers. Many of the shapes we used in the collection come from probably the most beloved building in Los Angeles, the Griffith Observatory.

We are so proud of our collaboration and the opportunity to create together, and are looking forward to our pieces becoming your modern heirlooms.

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