Made with love for our Mother

At JLA we keep quality and sustainability in mind with every piece of jewelry we design.  Bringing you playful, statement making, on-trend jewelry that you can feel good about wearing. 

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Complimentary Gold Replating

Don't be afraid to swim, sweat, and shower in your JLA jewelry!

To reduce waste, we offer complimentary re-plating on all plated JLA jewelry. Your well-loved JLA pieces will not end up in a landfill, lessening your carbon footprint, so you can feel good about the quality and sustainability in the trend jewels you invest in. ⁠

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Eco-friendly Packaging

Not only is JLA's  packaging really cute, it is also made of reusable and recyclable materials.  

All of our jewelry pieces leaving JLA are packaged using earth-friendly poly bags that are 100% landfill-safe and environmentally degradable.  Our cards and shipping materials are made from 100% recycled paper.  

Recycled metals

To bring our designs to life, we use a variety of eco-friendly materials including recyclable metals such as solid gold, gold filled, and silver.

We also use ECO BRASS, a lead-free, environmentally-friendly brass alloy to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in the environment and ensure our jewelry pieces are consumer-friendly. 

Quality jewelry is incredibly important to us and so is taking care of our earth. By plating our jewelry with higher micron your pieces will last longer which makes a positive impact on our environment.  We are extremely excited to share that our plated jewelry is now plated with 100% recycled silver and gold.  

JLA is not claiming to be a perfectly sustainable jewelry line (not yet), but we are always trying to do better by making the ‘better’ choice whenever we can.